I am Michelle Blackwell, owner, and stylist of Michelle B. Hair.

Taking care of hair in a gentle and kind manner is something, I take much pride in. 

‚ÄčI want to help you to establish and maintain your hair care regimen. I love modern, healthy, soft, free-flowing, hair that is accented with beautiful color(s).

The beauty industry is constantly changing, so, I make sure to attend classes each year, to keep up with current techniques.

      I am in love with my 13, 4-year-old boys and husband of 15 years. Professionally I have been caring for hair for 18+ years. 

    My love for hair begun with taking care of my sister's hair. She experienced damaged hair quite often. So, with much practice and research, I learned how to care for her hair. To this day, she is known for her long healthy hair.