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Updated: May 12, 2019

Thank you so much, for reading my last newsletter!!!  You walk into any beauty supply store, or watch a hair vlog and it is very easy to become a product junkie. But, what products do you really need, and what should you look for in products? This newsletter contains some tips on selecting quality haircare products. 📷

I'd like to start off saying that I'm not a chemist,  but I do think it's important that I research cosmetics and their ingredients. Using hair products for many years now, I see what works best on many different people. First, before you purchase hair products you need to read the labels. Yup! just like food. Many people don't pay attention to what is in the products. They only desire good results, trusting whatever the label promise. Same with food as long as it taste good, but its bad for us, we eat it. I read the ingredient list of every hair product I use, before I use it. Just like food labels, hair product labels must list their ingredients and they must list the most prominent ingredient in the bottle first and continue listing other ingredients, in the order of the amount used. So, this is BIG news right? If the product is telling you to buy it because of shea butter, but shea butter is not listed in the ingredients (yes I've seen this). Or the shea butter is the 9th/last ingredient listed at the bottom. The product don't really contain shea butter. So, why buy it. They're lying! Second, you want your foundation products  (shampoos, conditioners, treatments) to contain the best ingredients. Why? These are products that WILL build and maintain healthy hair. You rely on them to provide your hair with hydration, moisture, strength, softness and a natural shine. You should not go cheap with these products. Bad shampoos contain a lot of water, thickening agents (like words ending with gum), fragrance and silicones. In all honesty, you can buy a simple and affordable shampoo that don't contain many ingredients. All you need is water, a cleanser (sulfate is a common one, yes I said sulfate, I'll discuss that in another article), and a preservative.  Shampoo is simply soap for the hair. If you want to be fancy and don't desire a squeaky/hard clean hair after your shampoo, then you want to upgrade to a good balancing shampoo with good moisturizing oils to cleanse and also moisturize too. OH you fancy, huh? Now, this is where things can get sketchy though, because many companies use cheap grade oils and/or only put a tiny bit of good stuff in the product. This goes into my next topic... We talk about foundation products but now we need to style our hair with care. So, what styling products should we buy? You may have more fun, here. Styling products are going to hold your style in place, create INTENSE shine, maximize body and coat those strands for a soft smooth feel on the hair. You don't HAVE to be EXTRAcautious about styling products because your hair has been super hydrated and well moisturized from you shampoo and conditioners, remember what we talked about above. Styling Products typically sit on top of your hair strands, to maintain that shiny, hold, finished, look that you crave. This is where women differ, some want the finished, glossy, smooth "LOOK". While others want a more  natural moisturizing look and use natural products on their hair from start to finish. There is no right or wrong here, its your world and do what make you feel good about your hair.  The only advice I will give is, cosmetic ingredients do have differents quality grades. For example, there are 2 grades of cosmetic silicones. One heavily used silicone in products are of a lower grade. While this silicone will add gloss, shine and smoothness to the hair, it is harder to wash off and it builds up over time like plastic on your hair. So, if you decide to use it you will need to shampooo more often and sometimes need to use a stronger clarifying shampoo, so that your hair cuticle will be clear and can open. this way your hair will not have build up and can accept water and moisture. Chi or Moroccon Oil silcones are more advanced and costly. They still add all the great shine, smoothness, etc. but it removes easily from the hair when you shampoo it, even with a light shampoo. Lastly, some products can not really contain healthy ingredients that your hair will benefit from. For example Gel. I see gels that are infused with olive oil etc. Gel is such a thick and concentrated product and the olive oil they put in it is trapped in that gel. It is not touching your hair adding moisture. Companies are marketing whatever is trending at the moment to increase sales. Your hair would be healthier by applying olive oil etc. after your shampoo and conditioner. Then add your gel later just for styling purposes.

Well, I hope this helps and I'll write to you again next month. If you have any questions or topics you would like me to address in a future newsletter email me. Thank you for reading and you may share. Wix Blog, you’re not only sharing your voice with the world, you can also grow an active online community. That’s why the Wix blog comes with a built-in members area - so that readers can easily sign easily up to become members of your blog.




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