Summer 2018 Has Arrived!

Ok, so I love the summer because I wake up earlier without the use of an alarm, I feel more productive because of the long days and I love hanging outdoors on cool summer nights. How do you feel about Summertime? 

How does the Summer affect hair? Well for pros, the heat keeps your blood circulating very well which wonderfully feeds our hair follicles. Many tend to drink more water and wash their hair more often due to sweat, which keeps your hair and scalp well hydrated. 

Now one of the biggest Cons I've notice is not washing and moisturizing hair enough.

Summer 2018

Are you one who want a protective style all summer. Trust me, I get it! You opt for some Braids, a Weave, Crochet, Twist, etc. and want to leave it in for 2-3 months. But do you wash your hair during that time. Everyones hair and scalp should see soap (shampoo) and water every 1-2 weeks. (Honestly every 5-7 days is best) Regardless of the hairstyle. Now I'm not going to lie some of my clients and I plan a style to last a month, because I understand that you’re busy. That’s why my hair is short right now I can wash, condition, detangle and style it, in an hr, every 5 days. But 30 days is the absolute MAX, and if you can wash it with your protective style in, do so. You’ll see less shedding, breakage and dryness. 

I know we were raised on the myth our hair don’t like water, or it grows better dirty 🤦🏽‍♀️. There are so many “old wives tales” that are “mythical tales”. I’ll discuss more in haircare 101 in next months newsletter. 

 Ask Yourself 1. Am I constantly outdoors or in dusty or dirty areas? 2. Do my scalp sweat from exercising or the hot weather ? 3. Do I apply heavy oils/butters/silicones/serums/product on my hair/scalp? 4. Do I have a dry/flaky Scalp or even severe scalp condition? 5. Do I have chemically processed, color or relaxed hair? 6. Am I flat ironing my hair during the week before rewashing? 7. Do I struggle detangling my hair? 

If you've answered yes to ANY of these questions, then you can NOT go 30 days without soap (shampoo), water, and a good moisturizer (conditioner) and see great results. Your hair will not thrive and grow at its potential speed or in good health. I know what some of you are thinking, "well Michelle, I used to do -such and such- when I was younger and my hair was long and healthy".  Yes when we were younger we could do less and our hair was a lot healthier. As kids some of us ate better meals than we do as adults. Or, our hair stayed in a low maintenance style. Last but not least, we were younger, and so were our hair follicles, we didn't have to care as much to see great results. But as we grow older, so do our hair follicles and our bodies change requiring more care and attention. 

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