Frequently asked questions

What makes Clawfoot & Fire different?

Clawfoot & Fire provide beautiful unscented and scented spa care products that you can use at home, to moisturize and pamper your skin. Beautiful ambience is also important to us so we make home fragrances as well. You can customized many of our products with different add ons, such as candle colors to truly match your home decor, in the scent you choose.

Light / Medium / Strong Fragrance

Some fragrances are stronger than others, and some prefer a lighter fragrance, while other prefer a strong fragrance. All the fragrances we offer have been tested in all of our products and with our test group of people (because we wanted different noses and opinions). We listed our observations of whether a fragrance should be considered light/med/strong on our fragrance description page. There is a percentage of fragrance we can safely use in all of products so we stick to those standards. If a scent is too strong or too light for your personal prefrence, I'd suggest trying another scent with your next order and giving that item away as a gift. Someone else may really like it.

What is good candle care?

1. Place your candle on a clear and flat surface, away from any drafts and materials (i.e. curtains/blinds etc.) 2. If first time using wax, we trimmed to the correct wick height. If your candle has been used trim off excess ash, leaving wick 1/4 - 1/2 inch tall. If you 3. Let candle burn until you have a complete circle melt pool that is approx. 1/4 deep. 4. Sit back and enjoy never leaving unattended, especially with children and pets around. 5. Ready to sleep or leave use a candle snuffer to extinguish the flame safely. 6. When you're finished using, put lid back on to avoid dust getting in wax and clogging your wick.

How can I recycle my candle jars?

There are several ways you can reuse your candle jars. 1. All of our candle jars come with beautiful lids. So, you can remove the labels and wicks and simply use the jars as cute organizing jars for accessories, hair pins, paper clips, etc. 2. They also make cute little flower pots. Simply clean out and add soil and a plant that dont grow too large and the water does not need to be drained. 3. We are also happy to announce that we have a Recycle Jar Refill option. You must refill 2 jars or more. Simply clean out your jars by placing them on a candle warmer or in a warm oven on foil at 200°. Using a pot holder remove from oven once wax is melted and pour into a trash bag and wipe out with paper towels or hot water and diswashing soap. Place a new order for the 2 candle jars you want to refill. Use code " Refill " to receive a 20% discount code and contact me to schedule a drop off time. (At this time we only accept local drop offs for this service). Reminder there is a 2 jar minimum to use our Recycle Jar Refill.

What is included/ not included in the candle making party kits?

You will receive candle wax, fragrance of your choice, wick of your choice and adhesive if needed for your wick, wick holder, Popsicle stir stick, labels, jar, lid and color if your selected one. You must provide a microwave safe container to melt the candle wax in, preferably something you can toss afterwards. Plastic mirowave container or pyrex glass.

How far in advance should I plan and order candlemaking party kits?

I suggest planning your party 2-8 weeks in advance.

I'm planning a virtual candle making party, how do my guest and I get our Kits?

All kits can be order right on this site. Before order any bo make sure we have the date/time available for your party. Contact Michelle at to schedule. Once your party has been booked with Michelle. Order Kit directly from our under the shop section. You have 2 options to gather every ones kits. 1. Inform all your guest to order directly from our site and they may have their kits shipped directly to them or may pickup their own box(s) from us. 2. You may order all boxes on the site by changing the quantity and select pick up or have all shipped to you. To save on shipping and materials if you select this option, all of the kit items will be packed into 1-2 boxes, depending on the size of your party. You must separate items for each of your guest.



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